Woven Together Travelled Around Urals Consular District

Открытие выставки "Сплетенные вместе" в г. Салехард (Фото принадлежит Госдепартаменту США)

An exhibit of Native American arts and crafts put together and curated by professor Susan Fricke toured Surgut, Chelyabinsk, Izhevsk, Glazov, Salekhard and Orenburg, allowing Russian art fans to better understand the contemporary native American art scene. Three native artists visited the hosting cities:  Diani Whitehawk Polk  traveled to the Arctic city of Salekhard and held workshops on the Lakota traditional porcupine quilling, Sarah Sense provided workshops on mixed media in Surgut, and Navajo native Nani Chacon created a mural in the capital of Udmurt republic, Izhevsk, as a gift to the local people and the city’s Art Gallery.