VisitUSA RoadShow in Yekaterinburg

Two men
US Consul General Otto Hans Van Maerssen and Consular Chief John Fletcher at the VisitUSA RoadShow in Yekaterinburg (Photo belongs to the U.S. Dept of State)

The VisitUSA RoadShow, a public event about traveling to the U.S., took place at the Ural Economics University on September 15th.  The Consul General and representatives from the Foreign Commercial Service and Consular Section gave presentations on tourism in the U.S. and how to obtain a visa to travel to the U.S.   They also answered questions from the roughly 70 members of the public who attended. VisitUSA RoadShow will be in Moscow on September 16th and in St. Petersburg on September 18th. For more information about VisitUSA, please visit