Visit to Ural Humanitarian University

Group photo (Michail Lenchenko)
Photo belongs to Michail Lenchenko

On December 9, the Consul General visited the Ural Humanitarian University to deliver a lecture on the common law approach of jurisprudence (the theory of law) in the United States. He outlined the basic foundation of the United States legal system, including the reliance on judicial precedent, with the Law Faculty students, shared his personal experiences of practicing law in the USA, and discussed promoting principles of international law in various countries where he has served during his diplomatic career. Students queried the Consul General about practical aspects of law enforcement in the USA, including  jury trial practices.  Prior to joining the United States Department of State, the Consul General was actively engaged in the practice of law, as an attorney first in Texas and then in Arizona, as well as on the Navajo Nation and with the Hopi Tribe.