Renew Child’s Passport under 16

The presence of the child is required together with both parents to renew a passport for an applicant under 16.

If your child was under 5 at the time their last passport was issued, present 1-2 photographs per year from when that passport was issued to present, to show how their appearance has changed (family or informal photographs are acceptable).

  1. Make an ACS appointment;
  2. Complete DS-11 form online and bring it to the interview;
  3. Bring your current U.S. Passport (original and a copy of front page);
  4. Bring proof of U.S. citizenship (original and a copy): U.S. Birth Certificate or CRBA;
  5. Bring parent’s proof of identity (original and a copy of front page): valid, government issued ID, e.g. foreign passport or driver’s license, ID card);
  6. Bring one photo;
  7. SSN: Fill out the number on the application. If you don’t have one, please fill out this form(MS Word, 14 Kb) and bring it with you.
  8. Pay the appropriate passport services fee.