The Embassy and Consulates General accept applications to renew expiring or expired passports, or replace passports that have been lost, stolen, or mutilated. All U.S. citizens in Russia must have their own passports, including children and infants.

We electronically forward your application to the National Passport Center in the United States. A full validity passport is then sent back to the Embassy or Consulate to be returned to you. The turnaround time for this process is usually seven to ten business days.

If you must travel urgently, the Embassy or Consulate can issue an emergency passport that is valid for three months. The emergency passport can be exchanged later for a full validity passport at an Embassy or Consulate overseas or at a Passport Agency in the United States. For further information on passport services, please see the Department of State’s website on U.S. Passports.

When renewing or replacing a U.S. passport in Russia, please pay particular attention to the rules and regulations regarding Russian visas. A Russian visa is only valid for the passport in which it is placed. If the passport is cancelled, lost or no longer valid, the visa also looses its validity. It is the responsibility of the passport holder to obtain an appropriate visa for the new passport.

A lost or stolen passport must be replaced immediately.