Criminal Records Checks and Fingerprinting

U.S. citizens are occasionally asked to present a criminal records check in connection with a visa application to live and work in Russia.  Such certifications must come from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and almost always require a fingerprint check.

As of January 2009, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) is providing fingerprint services for U.S. citizens in Moscow.  IOM is located near the Embassy, at 2-aya Zvenigorodskaya Ulitsa, dom 12, Metro Ulitsa 1905.

IOM provides services on Fridays, strictly by appointment made by telephone at (495) 797-8722, extension 210. There is a $35.00 associated fee to be paid in ruble equivalent. In order for IOM to provide the service, a U.S. citizen must show a valid passport at the time fingerprints are taken. IOM will provide instructions on how to submit the cards to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and how to obtain an apostille on a fingerprint card.

Please see the Department of State’s webpage on Criminal Records Checks for more information on obtaining FBI and local criminal records checks in the United States.