Taganay National Park and Traditions of Zlatoust

Alexey Yakovlev, Director of Taganay National Park, Dr. Paul Carter, U.S. Consul General in Yekaterinburg, and George Carter

Consul General Dr. Paul Carter visited the city of Zlatoust and Taganay National Park July 22-23.  Taganay Park was in many ways similar to American national or state parks, and the guests enjoyed a hike on a mountain trail.  The next day the local Center for Developing Tourism and the Stroytekhnika Company provided a tour of the theme park devoted to tales by the Ural writer Pavel Bazhov.  The company built the park several years ago and donated it to the city.  Our hospitable hosts showed their extensive collection of gems, allowed the guests to hold edged weapons made in the Zlatoust tradition, and offered a pot of local Ivan-chay herbal tea.  The delegation from the Consulate climbed the Bell Tower and—in the spirit of the local tradition— after ringing the bell made wishes while holding the palms of their hands on the still-vibrating bell.  The CEO of the Nikon factory conducted the tour of the facility and showed us edged weapons and unique souvenirs.