CG Keays Celebrates “Rhododendron Day”

On May 12, U.S. Consul General Michael Keays participated in the XIII Primorskiy Kray Scientific-Practical Conference, and joined international participants who celebrated “Rhododendron Day” for young learners aged 7-16. ‎The effort brought together over 300 participants from Vladivostok and rural communities across Primorskiy Kray, as well as high-school students from the United States and Japan. ... Read More»

Consul General Keays Lends a Hand to the English Language Olympiad in Artyom

On March 15-17, Consul General Michael Keays participated in the annual English Language Olympiad for young learners, ages 13-18, in the city of Artyom near Vladivostok.  More than 700 participants from around Primorskiy Krai took part in this 3-day language and cultural event.  The Consul General greeted students, parents, and educators with welcoming and served ... Read More»

Consulate’s Team Participated in the International Ice Run

On February 25, 2017 Consul General Michael Keays lead a small but merry team of U.S. Consulate General colleagues in the International “Vladivostok Ice Run 2017” — a run over the Sea of Japan covered with ice. Consul General Michael Keays and the team ran the 5 and 10 kilometers portion of this ice race. One ... Read More»

Consul General Visits Magadan, Anadyr and Khabarovsk

From February 27 through March 3, 2017, Consul General Michael Keays visited the cities of Magadan, Anadyr and Khabarovsk. During these visits, he met with regional and local officials; fellow Russian, Japanese and Chinese diplomats, and local residents who showed him how proud they were about their cities and the role they have played in ... Read More»

Super Bowl Screening at the Consulate Promotes Sports, International and Inter-Generational Dialogue

Thanks to Houston’s location 16 time zones away from the Russian Far East, the Consulate in Vladivostok was able to broadcast the Super Bowl on Monday morning in a spectacular Public Diplomacy event promoting sports, a healthy life style, mutual understanding, and inter-generational dialogue. The core groups of participants were university-aged football players and school-aged ... Read More»

Consul General Greets U.S. University Representatives and Russian Academics

On January 29, 2017 Vladivostok U.S. Consul General Michael Keays hosted a reception for more than 40 guests in his residence. The event was held in honor of admissions officers visiting from four U.S. universities to participate in an education fair sponsored by EducationUSA and was attended by prominent academics from several local universities and ... Read More»

U.S. Consul General’s First Visit to Ussuriysk

U.S. Consul General Michael Keays visited Ussuriysk for the first time on January 27, 2017 to meet with retired Colonel Vladimir Kaplyuk, President of the “Soldier” Fund, a charity and organization that looks out for the welfare and well-being of veterans of local and international military conflicts.  Mr. Kaplyuk gave the Consul General a tour ... Read More»

Vladivostok CG Honors Jack London Anniversary by Op-Ed in Novaya Gazeta

On November 24,  Novaya Gazeta vo Vladivostoke published an Op-Ed by Vladivostok CG Michael Keays honoring the 100th anniversary of the death of Jack London, one of the most celebrated American writers in Russia.  Michael Keays told the paper audience about his personal experience of reading London’s prose and explained why Americans still consider him an “outstanding writer and an example ... Read More»

Pumpkin Pie Online: Vladivostok CG Highlights Thanksgiving Traditions

On Thanksgiving Eve, Vladivostok CG Michael Keays participated in a popular cooking show “Weekend Recipe” ran by principal regional online news agency Primamedia.  The kitchen in the CG residence was remodeled into a photo studio:   Primamedia correspondents filmed a detailed report on the “secrets of pumpkin pie recipe” .  While mixing, stirring, kneading and baking Michael Keays was also telling journalists about the origin ... Read More»

International Education Week in Primorye

On November 14-18, Consul General Michael Keays, Public Affairs Officer Erik Pugner, English Language Officer Jerry Frank and English Language Fellow William Smith launched International Education Week for over 600 high-school students and teachers in Vladivostok, Artem and Nakhodka by conducting a series of presentations that covered such topics as US education system, presentational skills ... Read More»

Consul General Michael Keays Visits Art School for Children in Vladivostok

On October 6 Consul General Michael Keays visited Art School for Children # 3, which has partnered with the Consulate on many occasions. Many U.S. musicians and dancers have conducted master-classes for children and teachers at the school, sharing their experience and providing invaluable inspiration to future musicians and dancers. CG Keays met with Principal and ... Read More»

International Day Celebration at the International Linguistic School

On October 13, Consul General Michael Keays and his spouse Andrea attended the annual International Day event organized by the International Linguistic School, Vladivostok State University of Economics and Services. This year’s theme was “The History of Cinema.” Teams of high school students gave impressive presentations on international film, and then children invited guests to ... Read More»

Consul General Visits Kamchatka

Vladivostok Consul General Erik Holm-Olsen made his first visit to Kamchatka, February 26 to March 2. In addition to courtesy calls with local officials, he met with members of two Rotary Clubs, the director of World Wildlife Fund’s Kamchatka office, and visited the Institute of Volcanology and Seismology. Over the weekend, the Consul General attended ... Read More»
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