Statement by Ambassador John J. Sullivan on U.S. Citizen Trevor Reed

September 24, 2020

Today I visited U.S. citizen Trevor Reed at Vodnik prison, following my visit to him last month.

As the U.S. Ambassador to Russia, the health, welfare, and treatment of U.S. citizens are my top priorities. I remain concerned by the treatment of some of my fellow citizens held by Russian authorities.

I am worried that Trevor is not getting appropriate medical access and treatment, and I continue to work to ensure that Trevor’s needs are met.

I also remain greatly troubled by the egregious inconsistencies and inadequacies of Trevor’s trial. Trevor was convicted and sentenced to nine years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

Trevor’s case holds no legal merit, and he should be released immediately so he may return to his family in the United States. Trevor doesn’t belong in jail, he belongs back home in Texas.