“Soul Inscribed” Band Visits Vladivostok and Khabarovsk

Photo session.
Man playing instrument.
At concert

On February 13-21, American hip-hop/soul fusion band Soul Inscribed visited Vladivostok and Khabarovsk as a part of the American Music Abroad program. In Vladivostok, the group wowed kids with a showcase and master class for 50 students of Art School #3, with youngsters jamming with the band and, along with their teachers and parents, learning about the many music styles which influenced the musicians’ art. The same day Soul Inscribed performed at local popular music bar “Mumiy Troll,” where they “raised the roof,” supported by the audience. The Khabarovsk leg included showcases at the College of Art and Institute of Art, where more than 200 students tried their hand at beat-boxing lessons. A concert at music bar “Garage” and an impromptu jamming session with local musicians at the “Bear Beard” bar reached the general public. Soul Inscribed’s Russian Far East tour gave hundreds of Russians their first up-close glimpse at hip-hop and beat-boxing.