Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Anti-Maidan Demonstrations in Moscow Center

Embassy Moscow informs U.S. citizens that Russian government authorities will permit a demonstration to take place Saturday, February 21 at 12:00pm in Revolution Square (Площадь Революции).  The protest site is located near Red Square and the Bolshoi Theater.

The pro-government “Anti-Maidan” movement is organizing the demonstration to mark the one-year anniversary of events related to the protests in Kyiv’s Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square), in particular the departure of Ukraine’s then-President Yanukovych.  Participants will gather at 12:00pm at Strastnoy Bulvar (near Pushkinskaya metro station) and then proceed along Petrovka Street towards Revolution Square, where they will rally until 5:00pm.  Organizers expect up to 10,000 participants, although the exact number of expected participants is unclear.

Due to the possibility of large crowds and the potential for violence such crowds bring, all U.S. citizens should avoid Revolution Square and the surrounding area, including metro stations.  The Metro stations in the immediate area include: Okhotnyy Ryad, Teatralnaya, and Ploshchad Revolyutsii (Охотный ряд, Театральная и Площадь Революции).  See the map below.

A larger-than-usual police presence will likely be evident in and around downtown Moscow to monitor the events.  U.S. citizens should carry their identification and show it if requested to do so by legitimate authorities.  U.S. citizens should also be aware of the possibility for counter-demonstrations or other spontaneous protest activity throughout the Moscow region and elsewhere in Russia.  Such large gatherings may further cause significant traffic and mass-transit disruptions.

Please note the following guidance from the U.S. Department of State’s Country Specific Information for the Russian Federation:  “U.S. citizens should avoid all public demonstrations, whether properly authorized by local officials or not, and avoid any large crowds and public gatherings that lack enhanced security measures.”

U.S. citizens are reminded that even demonstrations intended to be peaceful can turn confrontational and escalate into violence.  Review your personal security plans, remain aware of your surroundings, including local events, and monitor local news stations for updates.  Maintain a high level of vigilance and take appropriate steps to enhance your personal security.

We strongly recommend that U.S. citizens traveling to or residing in Russia enroll in the Department of State’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).  STEP enrollment gives you the latest security updates, and makes it easier for the U.S. embassy or nearest U.S. consulate to contact you in an emergency.  If you do not have Internet access, enroll directly with the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate.

Regularly monitor the State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs website, where you can find current Travel Warnings, Travel Alerts, and the Worldwide Caution.  Read the Country Specific Information for Russia.  For additional information, refer to the “Traveler’s Checklist” on the State Department’s website.

Contact the U.S. embassy or consulate for up-to-date information on travel restrictions.  You can also call 1-888-407-4747 toll-free from within the United States and Canada, or 1-202-501-4444 from other countries.  These numbers are available from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday (except U.S. federal holidays).  Follow us on Twitter andFacebook for travel information at your fingertips.

The American Citizen Services Unit of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow assists U.S. citizens in Russia.  We can help you with passport issuance and renewal, voter assistance, notarials, and registering a child born abroad. We also provide emergency services for U.S. citizens in case of a disaster or in case of illness, arrest, death or destitution while in Russia.

Appointments are required for all non-emergency services; you can make an appointment by calling the ACS unit at 7 (495) 728-5577, or you may click here to schedule an appointment online.  To contact us with questions, please write to or visit the Embassy website.

Emergency Contact Information in Russia:

U.S. Embassy Moscow:
U.S. citizens with an emergency during regular office hours (M-F 9:00am-6:00pm, excluding Russian and U.S. holidays) are welcome to visit the ACS unit at the U.S. Embassy, 21 Novinsky Blvd., Moscow.  Tel: +7 (495) 728-5577 – 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., weekdays.  You can make an appointment by calling the ACS unit at +7 (495) 728-5577, or you may schedule an appointment online.  To contact us with questions, please write to or visit the Embassy website at

For after-hours emergencies, call +7 (495) 728-5000 after 6:00 pm, and on weekends and holidays.

U.S. Consulate General St. Petersburg:
The U.S. Consulate General in St. Petersburg is located at 15 Furshatskaya Street, Tel: +7 (812) 331-2600.  You may contact the Consulate’s ACS unit by e-mail at, or by fax at +7 (812) 331-2646, or visit the Consulate website.

For after-hours emergencies, call +7 (812) 331-2600 and listen to the recorded message for the Duty Officer’s cell phone number.

U.S. Consulate General Vladivostok
The U.S. Consulate General is located at 32 Pushkinskaya Street, Vladivostok, Russia 690001
Tel.: +7 (423) 230-0070, fax: +7 (423) 230-0091
Emergency telephone:  +7 (914) 791-0067 (24 hours)

U.S. Consular Agency Yuzho-Sakhalinsk:
Please contact the U.S. Consulate General in Vladivostok.

U.S. Consulate General Yekaterinburg:
The U.S. Consulate General in Yekaterinburg is located at 15 Gogolya Street, Tel: +7 (343) 793-001.  You may contact the Consulate’s ACS Unit by e-mail at or by fax at +7 (343) 379-4515, or visit the Consulate’s website at

For after-hours emergencies, you may call the Duty Officer at +7 (917) 569-3549.