Show US! Documentary Film Program

Three people standing.
PAO introduces Paul Lazarus to the audience.

On November 18th, Paul Lazarus, acclaimed film and TV director, well-known for his directorial work on such popular shows as Friends, Pretty Little Liars, and Beverly Hills 90210, presented his most recent documentary film “Slingshot” at the OKEAN movie theater in Vladivostok as a part of the Show US documentary film program. More than 100 people attended the free screening of Slingshot, a film highlighting global clean water shortage problems and the technological solutions developed by Dean Kamen, famed inventor of the Segway. The audience interacted with Mr. Lazarus after the screening and asked questions ranging from Mr. Lazarus’ own motivation as a filmmaker to environmental problems discussed in the film. On November 19th Mr. Lazarus screened his film for30 students at the Far Eastern Federal University’s Department of Journalism and Publishing and answered the many questions that students had about his experience in the world of entertainment and his motivation in working on documentary films.