Security Alert – Update to Travel Advisory for Russia

On January 23, the Department of State issued an update to the Level 4 Travel Advisory – Do Not Travel – for Russia due to ongoing tension along the border with Ukraine.  For the full text of the updated Travel Advisory, please visit the Department’s  country information page for Russia.

Do not travel to Russia due to ongoing tension along the border with Ukraine, the potential for harassment against U.S. citizens, the embassy’s limited ability to assist U.S. citizens in Russia, COVID-19 and related entry restrictions, terrorismharassment by Russian government security officials, and the arbitrary enforcement of local law.

Due to Russia’s heightened military presence and ongoing military exercises along the border region with Ukraine, U.S. citizens located in or considering travel to the districts of the Russian Federation immediately bordering Ukraine should be aware that the situation along the border is unpredictable and there is heightened tension.  Given the on-going volatility of the situation, U.S. citizens are strongly advised against traveling by land from Russia to Ukraine through this region.  In addition, there is the potential throughout Russia of harassment towards foreigners, including through regulations targeted specifically against foreigners.

The U.S. government’s ability to provide routine or emergency services to U.S. citizens in Russia is already severely limited, particularly in areas far from the U.S. Embassy in Moscow due to Russian government limitations on U.S. staffing and the suspension of consular services at U.S. consulates.

If you decide to travel to Russia:


U.S. Embassy Moscow
Bolshoy Deviatinsky Pereulok No. 8
Moscow 121099, Russian Federation
Telephone:  +(7) (495) 728-5000 or +(7) (495) 728-5577

U.S. Department of State – Consular Affairs
Tel.:  +1 (888)-407-4747 or +1 (202)-501-4444