Security Alert – U.S. Embassy Moscow, Russia

Location: Russia

Event:  Dual U.S.-Russian citizens should be aware of a Russian presidential decree ordering the conscription into the army of 134,500 males between the ages of 18 and 27.  Conscription in Russia occurs semi-annually, and conscripts typically serve one year.  The first conscription of 2022 will take place from April 1 to July 15.

The Government of Russia may subject males it considers Russian to mandatory conscription, regardless of any other citizenship held.  Russia enforces special restrictions on dual U.S.-Russian nationals and may refuse to acknowledge their U.S. citizenship, including denying access to U.S. consular assistance and preventing departure from Russia.

The U.S. Embassy reminds U.S. citizens that the Department of State’s Travel Advisory level for Russia is “Level 4: Do Not Travel” and the Department of State continues to advise that U.S. citizens should depart Russia immediately.  Please read the Travel Advisory for Russia (here) and the Department of State’s information for Travelers with Dual Nationality.