Security Alert – U.S. Embassy Moscow, Russia

The U.S. Embassy in Moscow is aware of the reports of fighting between Wagner Group forces and the Russian Armed Forces in southwest Russia.  The security situation in Russia continues to be unpredictable.  We will continue to monitor the situation, but U.S. citizens should be aware that the Embassy has limited ability to assess security conditions in Moscow and other locations in the Russian Federation in real time.

U.S. citizens should monitor local conditions and be prepared for any security developments.  Our travel advisory for the Russian Federation can be found at Russia Travel Advisory (, and information on travel options out of Russia can be found at:  Information for U.S. Citizens in Russia (  The U.S. government is not able to coordinate evacuation of private U.S. citizens from the Russian Federation.  As underscored in longstanding U.S. travel advisories for Russia, we continue to urge U.S. citizens to not enter Russia at this time, and that U.S. citizens remaining in Russia depart immediately if it is safe to do so.

U.S. citizens should stay vigilant and take appropriate steps to maintain their security awareness.

  • You should keep your passport and visa documentation with you at all times.
  • Review your personal security situation and plan for contingencies that do not rely on U.S. government assistance.
  • Be prepared for sudden road closures along planned routes.
  • Monitor local media for updates on your local situation.


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