Rock-N-Roll as a Tool of Multicultural Communication

Photo of man. (USCG Image)
Rock Brynner

On May 6 Rock Brynner, historian and son of Vladivostok-born Hollywood actor Yul Brynner, gave a presentation highlighting the impact of rock-n-roll on social and intercultural communication amongst different races and nations. The event, jointly organized by U.S. Consulate and the Vladivostok University of Economics and Services , attracted considerable attention. The 25-30 person hall of VGUES’s museum couldn’t contain all interested students: dozens of late comers occupied window sills or stood against walls and in doorways. Mr. Brynner presented his ideas on rock-n-roll music as a manifesto of protest and freedom that integrated musical traditions of different races as well as the role it played in developing American democracy and promoting communication between the peoples of the United States and Soviet Union. The one hour presentation was followed by a half hour discussion and culminated with 69 year old Brynner dancing the twist with a group of VGUES students!