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Rock-N-Roll as a Tool of Multicultural Communication

On May 6 Rock Brynner, historian and son of Vladivostok-born Hollywood actor Yul Brynner, gave a presentation highlighting the impact of rock-n-roll on social and intercultural communication amongst different races and nations. The event, jointly organized by U.S. Consulate and the Vladivostok University of Economics and Services , attracted considerable attention. The 25-30 person hall ...
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The Breakfast Club, at IRC Vladivostok

On April 29, Information Resource Center Vladivostok held a screening of the movie “The Breakfast Club” that encapsulates adolescence in the ’80s in the most iconic detention session of all time. Five high school students, all different stereotypes (a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess or a criminal), meet in detention, where they ...
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Inspiring through Dance – REVolutions Dance visits the Urals

Dwayne Scheuneman and REVolutions Dance, an inclusive dance company that comprises one wheelchair dancer and three dancers without disabilities, visited the Urals April 21-29, promoting diversity in the arts. They offered workshops for Russian youth and adults in Yekaterinburg and Perm, challenging children and adults of all abilities to be creative together. In Yekaterinburg the ...
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