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Honoring Boris Nemtsov on the Ninth Anniversary of his Murder

Nine years ago today, Russia lost Boris Nemtsov, one of its most stalwart examples of courage. He spent his life’s work trying to build a free and open Russia, protective of all its people and their rights. As we remember Boris Nemtsov and his legacy, we also recognize those brave Russians who continue to work ... Read More»

Statement by Ambassador Lynne Tracy on the Sentencing of Oleg Orlov

I am alarmed and concerned by today’s outcome. Oleg Orlov has personally fought for the rights of Russians for more than 45 years. In previous times his efforts have been awarded at the highest levels. In today’s Russia he is being locked away for them. The Kremlin’s constricting oppression of its people’s constitutionally guaranteed rights ... Read More»

Statement from President Joe Biden Ahead of the Two-Year Anniversary of Russia’s Brutal Assault Against Ukraine

WHITE HOUSE FEBRUARY 23, 2024 Two years ago tomorrow, shortly before dawn, Russian missiles began exploding near the capital city of Kyiv. Russian troops marched across the border into Ukraine. Vladimir Putin’s vicious onslaught against Ukraine had begun. He believed that he could easily bend the will and break the resolve of a free people. ... Read More»

Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland’s Remarks on the Two-Year Anniversary of Russia’s Full-Scale Invasion of Ukraine

AMBASSADOR VICTORIA NULAND, UNDER SECRETARY FOR POLITICAL AFFAIRS CENTER FOR SECURITY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES (CSIS) WASHINGTON, D.C. FEBRUARY 22, 2024 UNDER SECRETARY NULAND: Thank you, Max, it is very good to be here with you at CSIS; and thanks to CSIS for decades of incisive research and recommendations for policymakers. I have been a beneficiary myself ... Read More»

Ambassador Tracy’s TV Dozhd Interview

February, 16 SPEAKERS Ambassador Tracy Ekaterina Kotrikadze Ambassador Tracy: Thank you Katya. It’s good to be here with you today. Ekaterina: So, first of all, it’s been a year as I understand as you have started your job in Moscow. How do you feel? How’s it going? Ambassador Tracy: Well Katya, thank you. And let ... Read More»