International Education Week in Primorye

CG Michael Keays with high-school students

On November 14-18, Consul General Michael Keays, Public Affairs Officer Erik Pugner, English Language Officer Jerry Frank and English Language Fellow William Smith launched International Education Week for over 600 high-school students and teachers in Vladivostok, Artem and Nakhodka by conducting a series of presentations that covered such topics as US education system, presentational skills for teachers, approaching the teaching of writing, intercultural conscientious communications, and many others.

On November 15 Consul General Michael Keays welcomed over 150 high-school students and teachers from Artem, Vladivostok, Nakhodka and other Primorsky Kray cities in Lingva-Plus Educational Center at the opening event of a week-long series of programs marking the International Education Week (IEW). In his remarks CG Keays pointed out the importance of international education in the modern world and the effort by the U.S. Consulate General to promote international education and USG-sponsored exchange programs.

CG Keays made a presentation on the U.S. Education System. His presentation addressed the structure and management of educational institutions in the U.S., different types of universities and community colleges, and trends in the U.S. education system. His presentation provided participating high-school students and teachers an opportunity to learn more about the types of educational institutions and various options for study in the United States. Michael’s presentation was followed by questions from students who intend to continue their education in the US and a discussion about the value of such people-to-people exchanges.  The audience, 15-17 year-old students and several teachers, were eager to learn about the diversity in the education system and a multitude of options for educational institutions in the U.S.

Earlier, On November 14 PAO Erik Pugner spoke with ACCESS high-school students at Nakhodka on the same topic. The event, a part of a week-long series of events marking International Education week, was jointly organized by Consulate General Vladivostok and Tatyana Ishchenko, ACCESS teacher.

ELO Jerry Frank delivered the presentations “You Have The Power: Conscientious Communications” and “What is a Good Language Teacher” for high-school students and teachers at the International Linguistic School and Lingva-Plus Educational Center. He also conducted open lesson for 5-6 grades at Lingva-Plus Center.

ELF William Smith delivered two presentations: “Speak Up: “Presentation Skills for Teachers,” AND “Approaching the Teaching of Writing” for 100 Artem and Primorsky Kray EL teachers and A Workshop ON “Phonetics – “American English Vowel Sounds” for high-school students. EL teachers also attended the workshop.

William was on jury panel at the IEW mini conference “Input of Education in Famous people success stories” and shared stories of how his educational accomplishments helped him succeed.

CG Michael Keays, PAO Erik Pugner, ELO Jerry Frank, and ELF William Smith followed their presentations with a lively Q&A, and the high-school students did not want to stop the conversations when the time was over.

Over 600 high school students and teachers attended the presentations in the Lingva-Plus Educational Center, Artem, International Linguistic School and Center of International Languages “Edelwais”. The IEW events helped to promote importance of international education in the era of globalization and value of intercultural communications. The U.S. Department of State has supported international study programs and exchanges for decades.