Health Alert – U.S. Mission Russia

Location:  Russia, country-wide

Event:  Extension of Temporary Stay or Permanent Residency of Some Foreigners in Russia Until Official Resumption of Flight Connections

On June 15, President Putin signed a decree extending the temporary stay or permanent residency of some foreigners and stateless persons in the Russian Federation.  This decree applies to immigration documents, including visas, residence permits, and migration registration, for citizens of those countries with which Russia has not officially resumed direct flight traffic. At publication of this advisory, the government of the Russian Federation has not added the United States to the official list of countries with which direct flight connections are restored.

The official text of the decree may be found here. (Russian only)

A further explanation of the presidential decree is available in English here.

U.S. Mission Russia is unable to predict if further extensions will be granted.  All U.S. citizens seeking clarification on their immigration status should contact their local Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) office. U.S. Mission Russia does not have the authority to intervene on migration overstays, and individuals who overstay their visas or admission periods, even by less than one day, are subject to a fine, deportation, and a five-year ban on reentry to the Russian Federation.

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