Filligar Visits Old New Rock Festival and the Urals!

Group playing instruments and singing. (State Dept.)
Filligar on stage at Old New Rock Festival in Yekaterinburg (Photo belongs to the US Dept of State)

Filligar, one of the leading Indie rock bands in the U.S., toured the Urals as U.S. Cultural Ambassadors January 11 – 18, 2016. They played as a headliner at the Old New Rock festival and offered free performances to enthusiastic Yekaterinburg crowds at the Yeltsin Center and Dom Pechati club. In addition, Filligar visited Alapayevsk, where they led a workshop for aspiring young musicians and played to a full house. At an orphanage in Aramil, they performed and offered a small workshop. John, Casey, Teddy and Peter were impressed by Russian hospitality and meals. They enjoyed making friends with local rock fans and learning about Russian rock music – old and new.