Traveling with Pets

Visitors frequently inquire about traveling with their pets to the United States.  For more information on traveling with pets, see Publication “Bringing Pets and Wildlife into the United States” on US Customs and Border Protection web site at

Also, check with St. Petersburg VET department at Pulkovo airport (tel.: +7 (812) 331-4799, 9am-6pm) for local regulations on departing St. Petersburg with pets.

The owner of a dog or a cat must obtain a Form #1 from a local VET station no earlier than 3 days before the departure time. This form should contain the same information as an International VET certificate.

A day before your departure, the owner should go to the VET department at Pulkovo airport and present this form in Russian, which will be exchanged for the International VET certificate in English to use for exiting Russia and entering the U.S. (the animal must be presented).

Please contact VET department at Pulkovo airport for detailed information concerning a rabies vaccination (needs to be done no later than 30 days, but no earlier than 1 year, prior to departure from Russia).

For information concerning vaccinations see also Paragraph “Vaccinations” at