American Faces & Places in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg was one of the first Russian cities to experience establishing of U.S.-Russian relations. On this page we would like to introduce you some interesting facts about places in St. Petersburg connected historically with the United States and famous Americans who lived and worked in the city.

  • John Quincy Adams – first U.S. Ambassador to Russia, later the sixth President of the United States, who lived and worked in St. Petersburg from 1809 to 1814
  • John Paul Jones – Admiral of the Russian Navy, National Hero, and Father of the United States Navy
  • George Washington Whistler – American engineer who worked on construction of the first Russian rail-road St. Petersburg-Moscow
  • James McNeill Whistler – famous American painter who spent his childhood at St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. His most famous work is “Whistler’s Mother”
  • Ayn Rand – famous American writer, who was born in St. Petersburg in 1905
  • Joseph Brodsky – famous Russian/American poet
  • Vladimir Nabokov – famous Russian/American writer
  • Jimmy Winkfield – Afro-American jockey who lived in St. Petersburg from 1904 to 1917

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