Information Resource Center – Yekaterinburg

The Information Resource Center (IRC) can provide the following information:

  • A speech or statement by the U.S. President, Secretary of State, or other Cabinet member;
  • Information about the U.S. Senate, House of Representatives, or Executive branch;
  • U.S. legislation and regulations;
  • U.S. policy toward Russia, the European Union, or any other region;
  • Recent and archived articles from leading American newspapers, journals, and other publications;
  • The latest U.S. trade statistics and economic indicators;
  • Biographical information about American government, political, cultural, or business leaders.

eJournal USA is an online journal published by the Bureau of International Information Programs of the U.S. Department of State. Each issue examines a major topic facing the United States and the international community, and it informs international readers about U.S. society, values, thought and institutions. Each eJournal is published in English in print and an electronic format. Issues also may be available in Arabic, Chinese, French, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish or other languages.

American English is a resource center for teaching and learning about American English language and culture. This website provides a variety of engaging materials and resources for teachers’ professional development and for students in the classroom. Both teachers and students will find new ways to practice English and learn more about the United States.

American English website also feaures Trace Effects video game, where player interact and solve puzzles in a virtual world filled with diverse English-speaking characters. In the game, students take a dymanic journey through the United States, traveling to cultural locations like Kansas, New Orleans, the Grand Canyon, New York City, San Francisco, and Washington, DC.