Grants for Americans

Grants for American college and university graduates fund ten months of study in Russia in the humanities, social sciences, pure and applied sciences, and the creative and performing arts. Russian language proficiency is required. Additional information and application procedures can be found at

ETA positions for American college and university graduates combine 18 hours per week of classroom teaching and up to 6 hours per week of advising/working with Russian teachers of English. An additional 6 hours per week will be reserved for an independent study/research project. Applicants should submit detailed descriptions of their study or career interests and also include well-thought-out and feasible proposals. This project should not conflict with assigned teaching and advising responsibilities. Grantees are placed mostly in regional cities outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Additional information and application procedures can be found at

American scholars are funded for research and/or lecturing throughout Russia for three to ten months. Russian language proficiency is not required.

As a complement to the Fulbright Senior Scholar Program, the Senior Specialist Program funds American academic experts who wish to undertake two to six-week long projects in Russian academic institutions. Activities may include presenting lectures; leading seminars and workshops; conducting needs assessments, surveys, research; participating in academic programs, conferences, seminars; consulting with administrators and faculty; assess and develop academic curricula or educational material; conduct teacher training.

Russian universities interested in hosting Senior Specialists must be willing to provide in-country transportation, meals and lodging. The Fulbright Program funds international transportation and provides a stipend to the Senior Specialist. For additional information, see Ten Senior Specialist grants are awarded to Russia annually.