Space Collaboration

Space Collaboration

Space Collaboration is a comprehensive exercise for undergraduate students aged 18-24 from Russia and the United States to learn about possibilities for different career paths involving space.

The program focuses on how governments and businesses utilize assets in space to help a rising generation of space explorers and innovators better understand how they can best align themselves for space careers of most interest to them.

2023 marks the 25th anniversary of the launch and on-going operation of the International Space Station, a telling example of how Russia and the United States can collaborate to explore ways in which all of mankind can exploit space resources to address challenges faced on earth. With Space Collaboration, rising young professionals have a chance to work alongside colleagues of the other nation as they learn about career pathways in the space industry in an interactive setting.

The program seeks to: Recruit a diverse corps of Russian and American participants, and to grow appreciation for how these diverse perspectives can grow opportunity; provide students with deep understanding about the breadth of career opportunities associated with space and the skills necessary to access those careers; and grow collaboration among rising Russian and American engineering professionals.

The program includes: Virtual and in-person content which helps participants to understand the history of how efforts of a diverse set of (often unrecognized) individuals from different backgrounds have contributed to advancements in space travel and exploration by both nations; q two-week career exploration exercise that uses lectures, site visits, and meetings with professionals working in space-related industries to introduce participants to ways in which engineering and economics skills are applied to future careers in space; and to guide; bi-national teams of participants developing and presenting final projects focused on U.S.-Russia collaboration in the emerging New Space Economy.