The English Language Office coordinates the distribution of U.S. government-produced ELT and American studies books, cassettes, maps, videos and CDs. Its flagship publication, the quarterly English Teaching Forum, is a response to a need for theoretical and practical solutions and suggestions in the ELT field. New and experienced authors are encouraged to contribute their articles. The ELO also collaborates with local authors to create Russia-specific material that addresses key ELT and cross-cultural issues.

The American English Webinar Live Series is hosted by the U.S. Department of State’s Office of English Language Programs in the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. This professional development program for English teachers around the globe addresses methodological topics that foster interactive, student-centered language instruction. You can find information about live webinars on our website or by visiting

E-Teacher Scholarship Program offers innovative, online, graduate level classes to English teaching professionals outside of the United States through the U.S. universities. The courses explore major areas of the academic specialty of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). If you are interested in participating in this program, contact the Regional English Language Office.  For more detailed information on currently offered courses and course content go to:

English Teaching FORUM Magazine is produced by the Washington DC Office of English Language Programs.  It has articles by and for teachers of English worldwide. It is distributed in Russia through the English Language Office. Also, current and past issues of FORUM are available on-line at:   

American English Online is a website that provides resources for teaching and learning English and American culture. The website is updated bi-monthly and provides cutting edge resources teachers can easily adapt in their own classrooms or learners can use for self-study.