English Language Fellow Request Guidelines for Host Institutions

English Language Office Programs

The English Language Office at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow works with Consulates in Yekaterinburg and Vladivostok, and with Georgetown University, the grantee organization, to identify and select host institutions that will provide professional, logistical and cost-sharing support to English Language Fellow projects. Universities that fulfill all requirements listed below are welcome to send a letter of interest.

English Language Fellows are professionals in the field of English Language teaching and have a M.A. or higher degree in TEFL/TESL. Typical Fellow projects include:

  • In-service and Pre-service Teacher Training
  • Curriculum Development
  • Materials Development
  • American Studies
  • Teachers’ Association Development
  • Assessment
  • Program Evaluation
  • Academic Writing
  • English for Specific Purposes (ESP) Program Development

Fellows have a 10-month contract that can be renewed for a second and final year in country, assuming funding is available. Host institutions, the Embassy and the Fellow are consulted with regard to the terms and scope of the continuation of the fellowship.

Host Institution Requirements

  • Commitment to improving the quality of English language teaching education in the region and in the country
  • Proven track record of supporting professional development events for English language instructors in the institution and region
  • Strong relationship with other universities in the area, with city in-service training facilities, and with regional and/or national professional English Language Teachers’ Association; ability to involve Fellow in projects that draw on the strengths of these different entities
  • Logistical support for Fellow when working on outreach projects in the region
  • Support to Fellow in order to obtain an appropriate visa; ability to deal with any visa-related or work-related issue that occurs during the Fellow’s stay
  • Counterpart at institution who will support Fellow with professional issues throughout the year
  • Initial ‘settling-in’ support by helping identify appropriate living quarters and familiarizing Fellow with city and region
  • Cost-sharing office space, equipment, office internet and phone
  • Liaising with English Language Office on an ongoing basis to ensure Fellow projects as expected
  • Mid-year and final reports on Fellow projects
  • Not hosted an English Language Fellow in past 3 years

Host Institutions also often:

  • Have a reputable English Language Teaching Faculty that trains future English language teachers in which the Fellow will be involved
  • Have a strong American Studies Faculty or Department in which the Fellow will be involved
  • Cost-share lodging, transportation, and materials
  • Work closely with other US Embassy-sponsored programs and projects to ensure work is complimentary:  Fulbright exchanges, Access Microscholarship Program, visiting Specialists, etc.
  • Are situated in major cities with easy access to other cities with large teacher numbers

Letter of Interest should include:

  • Name and background of the host institution
  • Name and backgrounds of key contacts at the institution who will be involved in the Fellow project; CV of Fellow Counterpart
  • Commitment of support from the Rector or Director
  • Commitment to support visa process for Fellow
  • Description of the institution’s continued involvement in English language teaching professional development activities
  • Explanation of how the Fellow will fit into the institution’s community; details of projects and courses in which the Fellow will be involved
  • Explanation of how Fellow will fit into professional development activities in the region.
  • Description of potential for synergy with other Embassy-sponsored programs or projects: Fulbright English Teaching Assistants, etc.
  • Description of the expected results of the Fellow’s projects
  • Description of project’s impact on region or country
  • Cost-sharing information
  • Evaluation component

Visit http://exchanges.state.gov/englishteaching/el-fellow.html and http://elf.georgetown.edu for additional program and recruitment information.