Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation – Large Grants Opportunity

Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation

Large Grants Opportunity ($200,000-$800,000 per project)

The window to apply for the 2020 Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation open. Abstracts are due December 8, 2019.

The minimum on the Amount of Awards for the large grants program is U.S. $200,000. In 2018, awards made through this program for new large-scale projects have ranged from $200,000 to $800,000 with an average award amount of $600,000. Please note that this program is separate from the AFCP small grants process.

Program Objectives: The Embassy and ECA’s Cultural Heritage Center request project abstracts and, if selected to advance to Round 2, full proposals for large-scale, partnership-based projects to preserve significant cultural heritage sites in less developed countries through the U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP). Past recipients of awards through the AFCP Large Grants Program may submit applications for continuation funds under this Opportunity. The deadline for submitting abstracts in English is midnight Sunday, December 8, 2019.

Award Information: Floor/Ceiling on Amount Awards: from US $200,000 to $800,000 per project.

Competition Format: This Opportunity consists of two application rounds: Round 1 (Project Abstract) and Round 2 (Full Proposal)

Funding Areas: The AFCP Large Grants Program supports the preservation of major ancient archaeological sites, historic buildings and monuments, and major museum collections that are accessible to the public and protected by law in the host country.

Funding Priorities: The AFCP Large Grants Program gives top priority to project activities that are appropriate and in keeping with international cultural heritage preservation standards. An appropriate preservation activity is one that protects the values of the site as they are understood by stakeholders. Stakeholders may include national, regional, or local cultural authorities; the local community; and others with vested interests in the site and the outcome of a project. Appropriate project activities may include:

  • Preventive conservation (addressing conditions that damage or threaten the site)
  • Stabilization (reducing the physical disturbance [settling, collapse, etc.] of a site)
  • Conservation (addressing damage or deterioration to a collection or sites)
  • Consolidation (connecting or reconnecting elements of a site)
  • Anastylosis (reassembling a site from its original parts)
  • Restoration (replacing missing elements to recreate the original appearance of a site, usually appropriate only with fine arts, decorative arts, and historic buildings)

To apply for Round 1, please refer to the following documents and the additional information below:

The project abstract must include the following items:

  • Project Basics, including title, project dates, location, and site.
  • Project Applicant information, including contact information, DUNS Number, and SAM registration status.
  • Special Designations (national monument, World Heritage Site, etc.).
  • Law/s Protecting the Site or Collection (citations only).
  • Project Purpose that summarizes the project objectives and desired results.
  • Statement of Importance highlighting the historic, architectural, artistic, or cultural (non-religious) values of the site or collection.

If invited to submit Full Proposals to Round 2, the Embassy will ask detailed instructions on how to do so in the Round 2 invitations!

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