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The Moscow American Center is Russia’s flagship public diplomacy platform for engaging Russian citizens. Since 1993, the Center has served as a dynamic space that encourages dialogue and inspires collaboration based on shared Russian and U.S. values. Offering a wide array of cultural and educational programs, the Center strives to increase people-to-people engagement by instilling good will and deepening mutual understanding between the United States and the Russian Federation.

The American Center is now located at the U.S. Embassy and our enthusiastic and experienced staff will help you find information about the United States and guide you through our collection of English-language print and eBooks,  magazines as well as online databases. You can also visit our innovation lab to learn about 3D printing and Arduino, attend cultural events, join a variety of clubs, pop into a film screening, enjoy our lively discussion groups, study in our seminars for teachers of English and much more. We have events for people of all ages, backgrounds and language levels..

And the best part? All our services and events are free of charge.

Take a look at our Calendar of Events and visit the American Center today.

American Center at the U.S. Embassy

American Center
U.S. Embassy
Novinsky Bulvar, 21, Moscow, Russia
Tel: +7 (495) 728-5243

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