Delivery of U.S. Ventilators to Russia

May 21, 2020

Today, the United States donated and delivered 50 high-quality ventilators to the people of Russia. This represents the first part of a humanitarian donation of a total of 200 much-needed, U.S.-manufactured ventilators to Russia, and is made possible through the generosity of the American people and private industry innovation.

This $5.6 million donation represents the rapid fulfilment of an offer made by President Trump in response to President Putin’s request for assistance. The United States is donating 100 percent of the cost, delivery, and startup supplies for the 200 ventilators being delivered, valued at approximately $5.6 million.

These ventilators are manufactured in the United States, and great care has been taken to ensure they are ready for immediate use in Russia.

The United States and Russia have helped each other in times of crisis in the past and will no doubt do so again in the future.

Particularly in times of crisis, we must work together – much like we did during the Second World War, when the people of our two nations and other allies fought valiantly, suffered great losses, and endured great hardship. During the war, through the Lend-Lease Act, the United States provided over $11 billion in needed goods to the Soviet Union from 1941 to 1945.

Now, as we again face a common threat, we must set aside policy differences and focus on the needs of our people.

As part of a global response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States is providing critical medical supplies and ventilators to people in need around the world. The United States is the largest contributor to global public health and has committed over 15,000 ventilators to more than 60 countries, including our European Allies and partners.