Consul General Marcus Micheli visited Kurgan

CG Marcus Micheli in the Museum of Decembrists

On July 5-6, Consul General Marcus Micheli visited Kurgan, where he met officials of the Kurgan Oblast Administration and Kurgan Oblast Duma, President of the Kurgan Chamber of Commerce and CEOs of major companies to discuss ways to strengthen cooperation in the commercial, cultural, and educational spheres between the U.S. and Kurgan city and oblast. At Varel NTS, Russian-American producer of oilfield equipment, the CG was familiarized with the drill bit production process.

The CG also visited the fascinating Museum of Decembrists, where he learned about how 13 exiled Decembrists lived in Kurgan and had a positive impact on the development of the city and region.

At the end of the trip, Dr. of Medical Sciences Aleksandr Gubin, CEO of the Ilizarov Center, showed CG Micheli around the renowned clinic, which literally puts on their legs people from all around the world, including from the United States. The Center also cooperates with the American experts and institutions, including with the orthopedic clinic Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas, Texas.

CG Marcus Micheli at the Kurgan Chamber of Commerce