Trade & Investment

Russia’s is a diversified economy with a highly educated workforce, able to provide a market for a wide range of technologically sophisticated American products. Perhaps no other country is able to offer the United States as broad a range of partnership opportunities or capabilities for cooperation in every scientific or technical sphere. However, recent growth has derived in large part from natural resources — oil, gas, and metals — that have had a ready export market. Until recently, few of the profits of these industries were reinvested in Russia, but continuing political and economic stability has encouraged successful industrialists to seek investment opportunities in high-growth sectors within Russia — agribusiness, food processing, automotive, retail and telecommunication.

Market Reports on Russia

The U.S. Commercial Service and other U.S. Government agencies at the U.S. Embassy in Russia produce up-to-date market information to help you compete and win in the Russian marketplace.

The Country Commercial Guide (CCG) presents an overview of Russia’s commercial environment, using economic, political, and market analysis. It is prepared annually through the combined efforts of several U.S. Government agencies at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow.

Market Research Reports

These reports on key sectors of the Russian market with good prospects for U.S. exports contain analysis and charted data that make it easier for U.S. exporters to grasp the main aspects of the market in an easy-to-read and compact form. They provide a brief appraisal of the important trends and highlights, summarizing the best prospects for U.S. companies, market access restrictions, and statistics.

U.S. Government Agencies and Sections

Below is a list of U.S. Government agencies and Embassy Sections, which have offices in Russia and deal with trade and investment or economic issues. For further information on what each respective section does refer to more specific information via the following section links: