Announcing Winners of Peace Poster Competition

Press Release
In Honor of UN International Day of Peace
Announcing Winners of Peace Poster Competition
September 21, 2022

At this critical moment in history, when peace, freedom, and democracy are under threat, U.S. Embassy Moscow is proud to honor the United Nations International Day of Peace with the announcement of the winners of the Imagining Peace poster competition. In the words of competition curator and judge Angelina Lippert, Chief Curator of Poster House in New York City, “Posters are the perfect medium to express succinct ideas in a rapidly changing world. Since the 1860s, every conflict has engendered a public facing poster response that calls for peace, resolution, or an end to injustice and violence.”

This competition brought together artists from all over the world to celebrate the fundamental human right of peace by reimagining it and sharing their vision. In their creative depictions, we recognize the hunger for harmony, mutual understanding, and an end to hostilities that continue to bring senseless death and destruction to innocent people. We congratulate all the artists who contributed their Imagining Peace designs to illustrate the singular significance of peace as a basic human right. As former U.S. Ambassador to Russia, John J. Sullivan, expressed: “It has long been a U.S. policy priority to advocate for and advance peace in the world. Now more than ever is a critical moment to strengthen our commitment to those ideals, and to safeguard peace, stability, and prosperity.”

A special congratulations to the winners from the United States, North Macedonia, and Russia, whose poster designs have won the top prize of the opportunity to travel to New York City and Washington, D.C., to discuss their work with U.S. cultural leaders. Their entries, and those of all who submitted artwork, give us continued hope that people from across the globe are joined together by a desire to live in peace, and that we can realize this goal when we work together toward this common vision. Let us take today to remember the fundamentality of peace and continue our collective endeavor to achieve it in every corner of the world.

In October, we will exhibit winning designs with selected submissions at U.S. Embassy
Moscow. You may also view the competition’s artwork on U.S. Embassy Moscow social media
platforms, the U .S. Embassy Moscow website, and at the competition website: