American Conductor Performs with Pacific Symphonic Orchestra in Vladivostok

American conductor Peter Freisinger.
Three males by piano.
Peter Freisinger teaches a master class in Vladivostok.

March 28 to April 1, American conductor and pianist Peter Freisinger rehearsed and performed with the Pacific Symphonic Orchestra in Vladivostok as part of the Primorskiy Philharmonic’s annual classic music festival “Far Eastern Spring.” Enthusiastic, broad media coverage of the festival described his concert as a “highlight” of the program, and Freisinger’s efforts were covered in a feature television piece for a local popular culture program. Peter Freisinger also held several master classes for students of art colleges in Vladivostok and the nearby town of Ussuriisk. His passion for music and desire to share knowledge with aspiring young artists, as well as his love for Russian culture and language, resulted in tremendous appreciation from the students and their parents and received considerable praise from school officials.