American Artist Exhibits Indigenous Photography Project

Children wearing costumes. (USCG Image)
Anna Reich visits English summer camp.

June 5-25, American photographer Anna Reich took part in an art residency program at the ZARYA Contemporary Art Center, Vladivostok, supported in a partnership with the U.S. Consulate General Vladivostok. During her three weeks at ZARYA, Anna worked on a project dedicated to the role that colonialism plays in the identity and culture of the indigenous Udege people of Primorskiy Krai. As a part of her project, she visited the village of Roshchino in the northern part of Primorskiy Krai to meet with and photograph the Udege. On June 21, Anna presented “Context/No Context,” an exhibition introducing her interpretation of ethnographic photography as well as archive prints from the Institute of History, Archeology, and Ethnography (Vladivostok). In addition to ZARYA’s program, Anna conducted a lecture as part of a youth lecture series “Luch-5” on her other projects and the concept of “cultural trauma” in Lithuania, where she had taken part in previous residency programs, and visited several English language camps, sharing her story with eager Russian children. PAO Erik Pugner took part in the events, introducing Anna and making welcoming remarks.