Ambassador Tefft Strengthens People-to-People Ties in St. Petersburg

People smiling. (USCG Image)
Acting Consul General Courtney Nemroff, Nobel Prize Winner Zhores Alfyorov, and Ambassador John Tefft

U.S. Consulate St. Petersburg welcomed Ambassador Tefft during a productive three-day visit to St. Petersburg, the Cultural Capital of Russia, on June 11, building on his first visit to St. Petersburg in December, when he helped celebrate the 250th anniversary of the State Hermitage Museum. During this visit, Ambassador Tefft participated in a wide range of meetings and activities that helped to strengthen further people-to-people ties in the spheres of culture, business and science between the people of the United States and Russia. Ambassador Tefft also had the opportunity to engage with local members of the press on a variety of pressing questions and issues important to the people of St. Petersburg.

In the cultural sphere, Ambassador Tefft visited three museums: the Kunstkamera, the State Russian Museum, and the Fabergé Museum. At the Kunstkamera, he had an opportunity to view the museum’s vast collections of Native American artifacts as well as other exhibits. While at the museum, he informed the Director of the Embassy’s plans to support a catalog digitization project that will make their Native American artifacts collection more accessible to wider audiences, both here in Russia as well as in the United States. At the State Russian Museum, Ambassador Tefft toured the famous Peredvizhniki collection as well as other exhibits.

On the business front, Ambassador Tefft visited the St. Petersburg branch of an American company and discussed its current operations and business outlook. Ambassador Tefft also spoke to members of the American Chamber of Commerce at their General Membership meeting and listened to their questions and concerns regarding the current business and investment environment in Russia.

In the field of science, Ambassador Tefft was happy to have the opportunity to meet with Nobel Laureate Zhores Alferov and discuss possibilities for future cooperation in science and technology between the United States and Russia, among other topics.

Lastly, Ambassador Tefft was pleased to have been able to meet and have discussions with a diverse group of Russians from all walks of life throughout his visit, including people like the revered author Daniil Granin. Through such personal interactions, he believes we can continue to seek out areas of common and mutual interest between our peoples.

Photos from the visit you can find here.